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April 04, 2013  | by: Jara Montez
Flickr (thecomeupshow)

Flickr (thecomeupshow)

The countdown for Kid Cudi’s new album is in full swing. Only nineteen more days until we’re presented with the Rager King’s third studio project, Indicud. Cudi released the track list a week ago, and has dropped multiple singles since the summer, like “Just What I Am”, “King Wizard”, “Immortal”, and now “Girls.”

Sorry, it’s not an homage to Marnie and Hannah. But it is to all the laaaaadies out there! He performed the song at SXSW, and so graciously decided to share it with the rest of us.

If you’re expecting a Chris Brown-esque “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)” song, then you’ll be disappointed. No R&B over here, but Cudi does bust out the crooning skills with the chorus.

Warning: The chorus to this song will undoubtedbly be stuck in your head. But anything is better than having “Call Me Maybe” in there (no offense to my girl, Carly).

I see pretty girls, everywhere I go, every-everywhere I go, every-everywhere I go.

Yet, the most random, but completely successful part of this song is the addition of Too $hort. Whaaaaat? Does anyone even know who that is? If you’re from Northern California, you do (Bay Area, stand up). But for everyone else, he’s known for his verse on Kelis’ hit, “Bossy”. This quasi-ratchet verse is a nice little surprise, no?

We’ve heard love songs from Cudi before, like with “Teleport 2 Me”, but “Girls” isn’t so much of a love song as it is just a general shout out to all the beautiful women in the world.

Smart move, Kid.

Speaking of moves, Cudi confirmed in a radio interview that his time with Kanye’s label, G.O.O.D. Music is over.

Before any of you antagonizers cry beef, let the record show Cudi was quick to shut that idea down.

Everything is peace with everybody on the label. There’s never been any issues.

Phew. So what is the reason for the departure?

Me and Kanye were actually talking on the phone the other day, and there’s been things I wanted to talk to him about. About me wanting to start my own direction, and he got because he’s trying to start his own new path, and trying new things as an artist. And he was just like ‘Man, I feel you. It’s cool.’

Breathe easy, rap fans!

Thank goodness Cudi and Kanye aren’t going to be pitted against each other in these sensationalized all-so-common beefs of the music industry.

Is it a good move (sorry for the pun)?

I’m all for it. Cudi’s produced great content with G.O.O.D. Music, but he’s made equally great, if not better music on his own, with albums like WZRD, and his most recent singles.

I would also like to take the time to acknowledge that Cudi is one of the few that hasn’t completely sold out for the sake of a few sales. My kind of guy.

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