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December 05, 2012  | by: Jara Montez



Grunge pop princess Ke$ha is back on the block with her second studio album, Warrior that was released on Tuesday. Her single “Die Young” was an indication of what the album would consist of; plenty of ┬ácarefree, reckless party songs. The album boasts the familiar dance-pop style that is so indicative of Kesha, with songs like “Warrior”, and “Crazy Kids”. However, she wants to make it clear that that is not all she’s capable of producing, as we’re introduced to heartbreak, with “Thinking of You”, soul searching in “Wonderland”‘ and love with “Wherever you Are”.

What distinguishes Kesha from her girl pop cohorts like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, is that her style of music remains constant. While the content of the lyrics may change, the dance, electric style is always there, making almost any Kesha song instantly recognizable.

The inspiration behind her album stems from her spiritual journey beginning in 2011. She traveled the world and experience a plethora of events that she managed to incorporate into her songs. She states the theme of Warrior is magic; describing it as

“really positive, really raw, really vulnerable and about the magic of life”.

She also used 1970′s rock like Led Zepplin, and Iggy Pop (who lends his vocals on “Dirty Love”) as the inspiration for a new sound.

Overall, this is another success for Kesha. What’s even more admirable is that she wrote the entire album. With all of this skill, one can only wonder what the future has in store for this talented diva.

For the typical Kesha songs, listen to “C’mon”, and for a newer side, check out tracks like “Love Into the Light”, and “Wonderland”.

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