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February 23, 2011  | by: Lakin Starling

Kendrick Lamar

Two new hip-hop performers, Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole, have joined forces to put out a new single: “Temptation.” But both have been working hard to make names for themselves as well.

In “Compton State of Mind,” Hip-Hop artist Kendrick Lamar is more than eager to show the world that he is a dope lyricist. Hailing from California, Lamar gives the west coast a new sound. He says his music tells the “stories of young  black males trying their best to escape the horrors of the city.”  His sound is much needed in hip-hop, and very soon his fans are in for a treat.

Lamar’s newest project involves the genius of budding artist J.Cole.  Lamar didn’t waste any time looking for mega producers to help on the new single.

Right off the bat, Lamar noticed the similarities between himself and J.Cole and asked him to be apart of his new project. He told MTV earlier in the week in regards to the collaboration and their vision: “It has a lot of similarities with the story as far as somebody that is trying to escape but prone to it.”


Both Lamar and J.Cole are currently two of hip-hop’s most progressive artists. Cole said that he is “itching to show the world that I’m a dope lyricist and a great producer,” which I’m sure he’ll continue to prove through his work with Kendrick Lamar.

The fresh duo is beginning to make appearances together, giving fans a sneak peek at the greatness to come. Earlier in the week, Lamar brought J.Cole out on stage at his concert in LA, and they have just released a preview to their track “Temptation,” which is by far one of the best hip-hop tracks of the new year. The collaboration has got me ecstatic! Check it out at the bottom of the page.

Lamar and Cole are by far two of the hottest rappers in the game, on the rise to be legendary. They come from a place so real and honest, and their integrity promises nothing less than the best. With 90 percent of the tracks on the new album produced by J.Cole, Lamar says that this project will be “something incredible.”

Kendrick Lamar released “Temptation” at a signing earlier in the week. Take a listen!

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