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May 31, 2013  | by: Jara Montez



Glitter! Woo! Metallic! Woo! Ke$ha pop, lock, and droppin’ it; DOUBLE WOO!

The Sparkle Princess released the video for her third single off of Warrior, “Crazy Kids”, earlier this week. Ke$ha, girl, show me your ways. Show me how you are able to make pastel cornrows, kitty cats, and floral adorned hoodies so gaaang$ta.

While her videos fall in the same general boat of a glitter party, it’s an AWESOME glitter party and you should be jealous that you weren’t invited.

She starts off by showing us how popular she is among the Earlybird Special crew, then, goes into the house and basically has a party with herself and a few domesticated animals. Then we flash to the pool party where we see more of her (old) friends livin’ it up. Simple concept, but solid execution. I’m all for it.

Interesting to note: how refreshing was it to see half-naked grandparents, instead of video girls? Not in a gross, awkward way, calm down…

There is a lot of beards (but Ke$ha likes those), and beer bellies, but I would rather see that than a bunch of proclaimed “bad b*tches” in g-strings. I digress.




Then, randomly, Will.i.am appears. And I’m all like “he’s part of the song??”. It must be one of those “randomly-add-a-rapper-in-to-make-it-a-crossover-hit” deal, á la Kanye West in “E.T.”. Other than that reasoning, I’m not sure what the point of Will.i.am was, other than to confuse me, and then annoy me because I’m honestly beginning to believe this guy is not even real. Enough. With. The. Holograms.

You have to take every Ke$ha video as its own individual party. C’mon, we’ve all been there, waking up in tubs, dancing with unicorns, typical everyday things. But you have to appreciate that she isn’t attempting to make this sensationalized anecdote, she’s staying true to what she enjoys, and that translates to her audience.

So, are we bringing cornrows back, or what?

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