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July 11, 2012  | by: Qisthi Jenkins

KUWTK Season 7

The Kardashian clan has undoubtedly ruled the TV airwaves for years now, with season upon season of their drama-filled hit reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” (as well as numerous spinoff shows). From family feuds to Kanye West, yesterday’s 2 night, 2 part episode of Season 7 of KUWTK was no exception to the drama.

In part 1 of the 2 night episode, Khloe and Lamar finally return to LA after Lamar gets cut from the Dallas Mavericks. While everyone is excited to have Khloe back , to the family’s dismay, things don’t automatically go back to the way things were before Khloe and Lamar moved to Dallas. The whole family plans on going to New York to attend Scott’s restaurant opening, but Khloe keeps making excuses not to go. This causes Kim and Kourtney to get upset that Khloe doesn’t want to be a part of the family anymore, and ends with Khloe walking out on her two sisters after they fight, claiming she is no longer a Kardashian but fully an Odom.

Scott sings "Happy Birthday" at the Sweet 16

Scott considers an offer to attend a sweet 16, despite his inappropriate tendencies such as crotch grabbing, getting drunk, and swearing. Scott flies to New York and while getting off to a rocky start, pretending to be a stripper at a random bachelorette party that he crashes, he ends up pulling through and behaving himself at the sweet 16. The party makes him realize how excited he is for his future daughter  - who was just born on Sunday! While in New York, Scott also prepares for his grand restaurant opening.

Part 2 of the episode was a tad juicier starting off with Kim getting flour bombed at an event! However, the two main focuses of this episode were Scott’s restaurant opening and Kim’s romance with Kanye West. After hearing Kanye wrote a song where he admits he fell in love with Kim, Kim denies their romance and claims they are just friends. She then borrows Kanye’s (expensive) car to drive her and Kourtney around. Who lets someone who is just a friend drive around their hundred-thousand dollar car?

Kim and Kanye laugh together at the grand opening of RYU

The family heads to New York for Scott’s restaurant opening, where they further interrogate Kim about her and Kanye’s relationship. Kim says she and Kanye are “taking it slow” but later in the episode dons “KW” earrings, which she admits stand for Kanye West. Duh. Kim finally opens up about their relationship, and when asked if they were officially together, she says she doesn’t know and says “I don’t know if I do titles”. The highly anticipated Kanye West finally appears within the last 10 minutes of the episode, just in time to escort Kim to Scott’s opening. Kanye helps Kim pick out her outfit and they refer to each other as “babe”! Kanye also tells Kim that he has to take her to Japan sometime, and the two are laughter and smiles all night. Now, if that isn’t a couple, then I don’t know what is.

Everyone enjoying Scott's new restaurant RYU

Prior to his restaurant opening, Kourtney gets upset that Scott completely ignores her family, despite the fact they all flew out to New York just for him. She says that she is over Scott, and when Khloe asks her if she wants to break up with him Kourtney responds “I always do”. Sounds like trouble in paradise. Since Scott has been MIA since the Kardashian-Jenner-Odom clan arrived in New York, the begin to doubt his restaurant opening. But of course, in the end Scott pulls through, and the opening of his new NYC resturant RYU is a complete success! So much so, that Kourtney gets scott a “love” ring to show how proud of him she is. When she hands it to him a hopeful Scott asks “Does this mean we’re engaged?”. Unfortunately, Kourt shuts him down (again) and clarifies that it is NOT an engagement ring. Maybe one day, Scott….

Can you keep up with all the drama? Watch the Kardashian-Jenner-Disick-Odom’s take London on next week’s episode of  ”Keeping Up With the Kardashians” Sunday at 9pm on E!

PS – scroll to 1:25 of the video of Kanye’s “Theraflu/Way Too Close” song lyrics to catch the part about Kim!

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