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July 02, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (kendalljenner)

Instagram (kendalljenner)


From those gorgeous lengthy legs to her stellar bod, Kendall Jenner is model material all the way. By the looks of the 17-year-old’s Instagram pics alone, surely she’s put together quite the impressive portfolio that would leave even Miranda Kerr in awe of Jenner’s picturesque beauty.

I didn’t instantly become a fan of the Kardashians. I learned to love Khloe over time because of her sass and rebel attitude. Yet, I still cannot bring myself to tolerate the boring sister Kourtney (sorry, I’m not sorry). However, I was immediately drawn to the two younger sisters, Kylie and Kendall, sans the Kardashian trademark tailing after their names.

Throughout the seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we’ve watched Kylie and Kendall blossom and inherit those gorgeous, dark features that seem to bestow every Kardashian generation. While I also enjoy the sisters as a pair, I find myself most intrigued with Kendall who has been making quite the stir with her modeling ventures.

Instagram (kendalljenner)

Instagram (kendalljenner)


Three years ago, Kendall remarked on her new-found love for modeling in an episode of Keeping Up… where she proposed the idea to her mother. Little did they all know, Kendall’s next few years would be spent marking the world of high-fashion, ripping runways and slaying stages all over the globe in designer chic style. Kendall was signed with Wilhelmina modeling agency since she was 14, and has done various photo shoots with exclusive mags like OK! and People.

For a girl Kendall’s age, she has certainly accomplished a ton: having covered Teen Vogue, becoming a Style Ambassador at Seventeen Magazine and having recently launched a clothing line at PacSun with her fave gal pal and sister, Kylie.

In case you’re still not convinced that Kendall could be the next big thing, let’s go over her stats:
BEST ASSET: She stands at an astounding 5’10 (extremely alluring to any modeling agency).
IMPRESSIVE FAN BASE: She holds over five million followers on Twitter and Instagram, respectively.
CHARACTER: She has a surprisingly goofy personality, which is becoming very appealing to us young folks these days.

Most importantly however, the girl strikes a mean pose:

Instagram (kendalljenner)

Instagram (kendalljenner)


I won’t reach too far as to say she’s the next Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks, because I don’t want to get hit with a cellphone, or forehead for that matter (It’s totally okay if you laughed). But she’s definitely up there with Cara Delevingne, Chanel Iman and the other young models who are getting a lot of attention nowadays.

How far do you think Kendall’s modeling will take her? Further than her sisters, maybe?

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