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October 05, 2011  | by: Aubrian Body

Jessie J

We’ve told you about Jessie J’s amazing vocals and incredible lyrical abilities, but recently we’ve been watching the pop star’s wardrobe change from “who is she?’ to “who is she wearing?”  As new opportunities arise for the young star, we get to watch her style evolve into a style you fall in love with…or a style you hate to see.

Leopard Catsuit

With her new role as a judge on The Voice, Jessie J will be getting dressed up every week in clothes we can’t wait to see, but what has us drooling over her style now? The fact that she’s daring!  She is Katy Perry and Lady Gaga’s lovechild from another universe!  She even looks good with a cast on her leg (see her VMAs house band gig), and how she pulls it off, I’ll never know.

One of Jessie J’s most eye-catching trends is the catsuit/bodysuit. She loves them! Although we’ve seen her in a plethora of different types of outfits, she keeps going back to he beloved bodysuit and recreates the signature look every time!  Whether it’s purple or graphic-covered, she’s worn it often and made it work each time.  Wearing the bodysuit requires a specific body type, and Jessie J has the perfect shape for this look. She knows how to wear them and really does an awesome job at styling them! She get my stamp of approval!

Sparkled Kiss

Another trend of Jessie’s that I love are her ever-changing lips! This girl has a lip color for every occasion! She’s been seen with black, red, and flag covered lips. Yes, flag covered — particularly the British flag of her homeland.  What I love is that she’s not afraid of colors.  Jessie J is the only person, besides a vampire I guess, that can wear black lipstick and look amazing! But one of her lip trends that sticks with me is her bejeweled lips look. She has had her lips blinged out a few times and what can I say…I love things that sparkle!

Jessie J also has an iconic hairstyle and shows it off in hues of purple, brown and jet black. I love this hairstyle not only because it’s badass, but because it also shows that you don’t have to have 18 inches of mermaid hair flowing down your back to look irresistible and gorgeous.

Locks of Purple

Jessie J works the laser precise bob all the time, and it really is an important part of her signature look. She has switched it up at times, but it has pretty much remained consistent.  Jessie rocks it on the red carpet, in concert, or just hanging out.

Jessie J is on my style watching radar because I’m sure this is only the beginning of her career and a start to a wonderful addition to the fashion world! She’s talented with a style that invites you into her music and makes you wonder what her story is.  If you dont want to miss what she’s going to wear next, then keep an eye on her!

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