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October 21, 2012  | by: Angela Gamba

Popstar Katy Perry has a new boho style after dating John Mayer. (Photo courtesy of

It is common for people to make drastic changes after going through a serious break-up. However, most alter hair style, not entire style. Popstar Katy Perry has a new man and with that comes a completely new look.

Katy Perry and John Mayer celebrate his birthday together. (Photo courtesy of

Perry recently divorced actor/comedian Russel Brand in July of this year. It was not the ugliest of break-ups; both Perry and Brand said they were just “incompatible.” Recently, Perry is being spotted out with John Mayer, and quite often. It is rumored that the two dated after her split from Brand, but broke it off in September. Media claims that Perry and Mayer are dating again, but Perry does not look like the girl-kissing, pastry-loving popstar we once new.

Perry is known for her wardrobe full of bright colors and wild outfits. Some of her famous looks include blue hair, a cupcake bra (featured in her “California Girls” music video), and a smurf dress. However, she is sporting a more boho-chic style lately. Regardless of if they are dating or not, Mayer’s comfortable style and laid-back attitude appear to be rubbing off on the popstar princess. You can probably find her wearing subtle colors, a fedora hat, leather jacket, and a long skirt. Perry has even been rocking a new bob-style haircut, which is a staple in bohemian fashion. So if you were planning on being Katy Perry for Halloween, you might need to rethink your costume. If you are 2012 Katy Perry, lose the blue wig and Dots candy dress.

I think a change in wardrobe is good for Perry. After all, sequins and blue wigs do go out of style eventually. Do you like the new Katy Perry, or do you hope her wild style comes back?

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