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January 21, 2013  | by: Julia Horniacek
Katy Perry and John Mayer's relationship getting serious?(Flickr @FãClubesSRE)

Flickr @FãClubesSRE


Once a player, always a player – is that not how the saying goes? Rumor has it according to upi.com that Hollywood’s MVP, John Mayer, has marriage and children on the brain with six-month girlfriend, Katy Perry.

I suppose we can take into consideration the fact that Mayer now finds himself in his mid-thirties and may want to throw in the towel on toying with hearts, but his history repeats itself frequently, and does not exactly give us any reason to trust him with Perry by any means.

It had only been months since Russell Brand filed for divorce from Perry that she stumbled into Mayer’s arms. Though Mayer and Perry have lasted these six months (and just barely, the two split shortly in August 2012), Mayer’s longest relationship with Jessica Simpson ended after only a year.

Aside from Simpson, Mayer has also been briefly linked to Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Love Hewitt among others. It seems to me that Mayer enjoys the adrenaline of falling in love, but once the rush is over he is on to the next thrill. The couple’s relationship is relatively new, so it may well be that the thought bubble of walking down the isle will pop in due time.

Flickr @The Chic Spot

Flickr @The Chic Spot

As for Perry, it is curious how her tables have turned, and rather quickly as well. Russell Brand has admitted that one of the reasons their marriage failed was because he had been ready to start a family while Perry was solely concerned with her career.

Oftentimes the state of emotional turmoil may lead to one finding themselves on the rebound, and I am sure Mayer’s many charms were the perfect remedy for Perry’s vulnerability. But could it be that her vulnerability has made her impressionable as well?

Seeing as Mayer is seven years Perry’s senior, it can only be assumed that his eagerness to be a father trumps her desire to be a mother.  Could this be Perry talking under the influence of rose-tinted glasses or is she now thinking in realistic terms of when a woman should begin a family? I do believe that if two people arereally in love life choices such as to have children or not can be negotiable, so maybe second time’s the charm for Perry.

Well, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for these lovebirds. Who doesn’t love a happy ending? But keep cautious Perry; this MVP is known to only love with half of his heart.

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