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June 11, 2012  | by: Lauren Kuhl

Katie's Stylin' in Summit, NJ

Casually elegant, and trendily classic; these two oxymorons quite succinctly sum up this week’s stylin’ fashionista. In this week’s Chic Street, rising Lehigh University freshman, Katie Cobuzzi, talks about her style inspirations, favorite shopping haunts, and even plays a game of “Would You Rather?” Buckle up your bedazzled belts, readers! It’s going to be a wild ride down Chic Street.

Sporting timeless white jeans and a sleeveless turquoise top, Katie’s look capitalizes on both the archetypal and “of the moment” ends of the fashion spectrum. A gold statement necklace, complete with medallion and several fun feathers, adds sparkle to this classic ensemble. The dichotomy of simple flip-flops and bold jewelry demonstrates the successful mixing of casual elements with more costume pieces, while a brown leather crossbody bag is trendy yet keeps the look down-to-earth.

This outfit represents Katie’s personal style to a tee, as she is inspired by mixing both trendy and classic elements. She loves stores like Forever 21 for their affordable, but trendy, apparel. Because Katie likes to keep her wardrobe up-to-date with the latest fashions, shopping at Forever 21 allows her to remain on trend from season to season without breaking the bank.

In terms of celebrity, she admires the style of singer/actress Miley Cyrus, and applauds her for thinking “out of the box” in terms of her fashion choices. “She dresses for herself, not the media,” Katie elaborates. When faced with a fashion dilemma of her own, courtesy of a round of “Would You Rather?” Katie admits she would prefer to don a matronly ball gown for the rest of her life, as opposed to a pair of men’s trousers and clown shoes. “At least it’s women’s clothes and I would definitely trip in clown shoes,” she reasons.

Keeping with the game theme, Katie outsmarts the time-old question of what to bring if stranded on a desert island with these three items: a plane, a pilot, and Harry Styles, referring to one of the members of the newly christened “it” boy-band, One Direction. Smart answer, and just as she uses her wits to avoid being hypothetically stranded at sea, it’s clear that Katie’s intelligence is also reflected by her style.

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