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January 21, 2013  | by: Amanda Fiore
Flickr (kevin dooley)

Flickr (kevin dooley)


Target stores nationwide are known as a “one stop spot.” Under just one roof you can find anything from electronics to jewelry to groceries. But Target is now turning heads for a different reason, for their growing high fashion collections.

This past fall Target introduced a Neiman Marcus collaboration of over priced Tory Burch lunch bags and thermoses, which proved pretty useless and disconnected from their customers’ wants. After the Neiman Marcus fail, Target is still motivated to become a fashion-forward “one stop spot” and spearheading their efforts this time is celebrity stylist Kate Young.

Kate Young is most famous for styling celebrities like fashion icon Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams. She is an expert in dressing these fashion superstars for the red carpet and intends to bring these talents to Target Stores everywhere come April 14th. In addition to dressing others, Young receives high praise worldwide for her own personal style. Known for adding perfect touches to every outfit, it is no surprise Target is recruiting her to their team.

Getty Images

Getty Images


This collaboration will blow the failed Neiman Marcus line out of the water. Kate Young is perfect for Target, bringing high fashion to at an affordable price. Young is joining Target just in time for the flirty sundresses and girly tops that we all crave during the spring season.

It is expected that Young’s line will focus heavily on party dresses, given her red carpet expertise, but will also feature casual clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and handbags. Not only does the Kate Young-Target collection successfully offer everyday women great variety from formal to casual pieces, but at a reasonable Target price.

Thos Robinson/WireImage

Thos Robinson/WireImage


Young’s feminine yet trendy fashion line will only bolster Target’s “one stop spot” reputation. Young’s anticipated success with Target will allow women everywhere to achieve a high fashion look at their favorite superstore.

Now while shopping for everyday cosmetics or picking up a quick lunch, you can shop for a chic Bloomingdales-like piece for any occasion at Target. Shopping Kate Young’s collection will keep all eyes on you as you sport designer-like apparel and accessories, as well as, money in your pocket. A pretty good deal if you ask me.

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