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August 12, 2011  | by: Anupriya Dutta

Kate Moss on the Vogue September issue

We told you that Kate Moss will be covering the U.S. Vogue’s important September cover, and here it is. While most of expected to see her in her exclusive Galliano wedding dress, she surprised us with a McQueen (nevertheless as lovely) purple dress.

Jamie Hince and Kate Moss

So what inspired the 37-year-old supermodel to finally wed and have a happy ending in her late thirties? Apparently, it was Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, a British TV Show.  Kate told Vogue:

“I am so romantic about gypsies; they’re not allowed to do anything until they get married. So they all get married really young, at sixteen. You can’t believe the dresses. They’re like blinging butterflies times ten; they can’t move down the aisle! It’s so genius. I was just watching Jamie, so cute, and I was like, these girls, they just spend their whole life waiting for that day — let’s do it!”

Written by Hamish Bowles, Vogue’s cover story gives an exclusive look at the whole wedding, which is a lovely read indeed. Kate Moss did get a little hyper and bridezilla-ish at the end though.

“Let’s put it this way,” she says. “If I didn’t have my friends. . . . I don’t know how people do it. I’ve had big birthday parties, and I’ve thrown parties for other people, but this is a completely different thing. It’s the Met Ball! Because you have to look at every piece of cutlery; the details are intense. And then you wake up thinking about the ballet shoes for the girls; is the satin ribbon right? I’ve gone mental. Jamie thinks I’m mad, asking, ‘Are you gonna be all right? After the wedding, I’m hoping you’ll get back to normal!’ ”

Kate Moss with her Bridesmaids

While we crave pictures of the dress, Kate tells Vogue that “it was just like the old times.”  Galliano brought her  “bags full of bits, and pulled tulle and sequins and veils and flowers out. And then we just kind of pinned things together, you know.”  We do know that the wedding was one of the best of its kind, a small gathering with one of the greatest names in the fashion industry, but that was obvious since it WAS a Kate Moss wedding. We didn’t expect her to fly off to Thailand, did we?

We also saw the unofficial ode to the wedding by Terry Richardson which we devoured, but the official photos (by Testino) were released after the cover and look impeccable indeed.

So when are you going to buy the glossy and flip through the fairytale?

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