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July 22, 2011  | by: Bianca Salvant

Molinaro in the Old Navy Ad

According to Kim Kardashian, there are people who want to hire the reality show star to promote their products, but for some reason they don’t.  Instead, they use another individual that looks like. Yes, you heard right: Kardashian is attempting to sue Old Navy and their father company, The Gap, because they used Reggie Bush‘s current girlfriend (Melissa Molinaro) in a commercial with “Kardashian’s look.”

According to Detroit Free Press, Kardashian is looking to collect $15 million to $20 million in compensatory and punitive damages from the retail chain for its unauthorized use of her “name, likeness, identity and persona” in Old Navy’s Super C-U-T-E ad campaign.

After taking a look at the commercial, there are certain times when I can see the resemblance. But I honestly feel this lawsuit is a bit too much. Kim Kardashian, to me, shouldn’t be able to own an image to the point that no woman with long dark hair can succeed. I think it would have been a different situation if they actually made some sort of reference to Kardashian, but they didn’t.

MSN says that at the time of the ad’s release, Molinaro said the comparison was “extremely flattering” and told E! Online the casting call for the commercial had not been for a Kardashian clone but for “a true dance pop superstar.”  Honestly, what else do you expect them to say?  These types of lawsuits are extremely complex and confusing because if Old Navy says they in no way shape or form hired Molinaro because she looked like Kardashian, it’s very hard to prove they’re lying–unless they’ve said it to someone who can testify against them, of course. But other than that, $15 to $20 million is a lot to sue someone over a woman with brown locks.

Beware to all the ladies with fair skin and long dark hair! Kardashian might be after you in protecting her “likeness!”

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