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April 04, 2013  | by: Emilie Moran
Flickr (libbyrosof)

Flickr (libbyrosof)



David Bowie is not only remembered and loved for the music he sung, but also for the clothes he wore, especially while on one of his infamous tours. The designer responsible for Bowies outfit creations on the Ziggy Stardust tour is Kansai Yamamoto, the popular designer from Yokohama, Japan.

Yamamoto spent the first 20 years of his career in fashion design and the next 20 in the entertainment industry. Recently, Yamamoto has announced a second career change, this time combining both his interests in fashion and the entertainment industry. Yamamoto’s first event in his new career was this past Friday. The event included martial arts performers, musicians and models all clothed in Yamamoto’s designs; designs which included samurai-inspired costumes, pieces in camouflage, embroidered Chinese satin and sequins.

Although audiences enjoyed watching dancers leap across the stage and perform incredible acts, for those that found themselves more interested in the fashion side of things will be able to purchase all pieces at Japans popular department store, Isetan. Although these clothes will only be available in Japan, Americans will have their chance to experience a bit of Yamamoto for themselves. Yamamoto excitedly plans on taking his new take on entertainment and fashion to Europe and the United States, whereas most of Yamamoto’s previous shows have been held in India, Russia, Japan and Vietnam.


Flickr (libbyrosof)

Flickr (libbyrosof)


As someone who is interested in both the fashion and entertainment industry, I am very excited to see the different kinds of events Yamamoto comes up with. I see fashion as being a kind of entertainment and because of this, I believe the entertainment industry and the fashion industry both deal with similar ideas and issues. For example, whether concentrated on an event or a piece of clothing, both industries are all about creating a product for the people. Both also deal with highly stressful situations and integrate many of the same aspects such as music, lighting, cosmetics and movement.

Whether you view Yamamoto’s new events as a show with really great outfits, or a fashion show with really great choreography, one cannot deny the fabulousness of Yamamoto and the breakthrough in fashion and entertainment he is sure to create.

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