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March 22, 2013  | by: Jara Montez




Laaaaaadies. Looks like Valentine’s Day happened twice this year (and possibly a third time, according to Questlove). And by Valentines’s Day, I mean our baby boo, Justin Timberlake releasing his new album, The 20/20 Experience, and the visuals for the single, “Mirrors”, which dropped the same day, making us all go even more gaga for Justin.

But wait, wait, wait. Don’t get too excited. The first seven minutes, sans Justin, show the most endearing story of a couple; a metaphor for his grandparents, William and Sadie.
This Notebook-esque narrative begins with whimsical youthful love that evolves into a serious relationship between the two. Eventually flashbacks of the past and shots of the present collide, with a bunch of eerie fun house scenery and dramatic tear smeared makeup in between.

Don’t get discouraged, though.For the last two minutes or so, we see Justin back where we love him, with his super suave dance moves.

It was rather refreshing not seeing him for the majority of the video, as artists hogging the spotlight is all too common in most music videos. There’s something a tad annoying about the typical theatrics, and obscure meaning that only makes sense if we watch MTV’s ” Making The Video” before.
I enjoy the fact that this love song is displayed as a love story (What a novel idea!) Instead of some cheesy, arbitrary narrative that has nothing to do with the song (Nicki Minaj).
With that, I give a round of applause to Timberlake for stepping back (at least for six minutes) from being the central piece of the video, and letting the music guide the viewer to understanding the meaning.
Do you think he could’ve gone a different direction? Or are you just wishing you could be Justin’s mirror? Unlimited glances at the angelic face…count me in.

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