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January 15, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan

(Flickr Joe Shlabotnik)


While everyone dished their thoughts on the Golden Globes Awards Sunday night and made an internet meme out of the array of pure, unedited frustration displayed on Leonardo DiCaprio’s face after losing yet another trophy, I was busy doing the two-step. Why? The reason is simple: Justin Timberlake is back.

Three days after teasing his return to the music scene, Timberlake dropped the blissfully cocky “Suit & Tie,” a Timbaland-produced track that literally grooves with spunk. The song starts in a lazy yet immediately self-determined manner, as a royal blaring of horns greet JT’s breezy declarations of being, “on my suit and tie shit.” Jay-Z also makes an appearance in the second half of the song, and adds more legitimacy to the song’s pomp.

The track emits the same confidence that made “Sexy Back” such a hit back in the day and reunites Timberlake’s falsetto with an irresistibly funky beat. Here’s a mental exercise inspired by the imagery in my head while listening to “Suit & Tie” for the first time:

(Flickr nikkiboom)

Imagine yourself in the Waldorf-Astoria. The contents of an opened bottle of champagne keep slipping from your hand and onto the fancy tile. You disregard the mess and continue to merrily dance across the penthouse suite while uttering useless “oopsies” to the ceiling. Why are you so happy? Well, Ryan Gosling is currently waiting for you in the master bedroom dressed in nothing but a tacky purple velvet bow-tie. You’re literally on top of the world (the 47th floor has its perks).

Surprisingly, a positive response like mine was not unanimous.

Since it’s release, fans seem divided about the song’s offbeat way of carrying itself. And the critics do have a right to their questionable feelings: “Suit & Tie” is an incredibly outlandish production. The song opens with JT’s voice altered to a slow draw but soon picks up and bursts to life with lyrical testaments to his lovemaking abilities. By simply working on his sartorial game and owning the “black and white,” JT apparently transforms into James Bond.

Timberlake also purrs this grabber in a cloud of dreamlike pulses near the middle of the song:

“Stop, let me get a good look at it. Ooo, so thick: now I know why they call it a fatty.”

(Flickr sully213)


When looking back on his past hits, “Suit & Tie” should start to make sense. Timberlake’s solo career thrived due to the initial success of a little breakup song aptly entitled “Cry Me a River.” He also won a Creative Arts Emmy with SNL funnyman Andy Samberg for his contribution to the very frank Christmas tune “Dick in a Box.” With all this in mind, the song fits as an appropriate comeback single for the singer.

Do you love it or hate it? Sound off after listening to the song on Timberlake’s official website.

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