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February 17, 2011  | by: Lauren Barber

Justin Beiber's Rolling Stone Cover and a photo from the shoot.

Has anyone seen the new Rolling Stone issue? Teen sensation Justin Bieber stars on the cover with a full, and very personal, feature article inside. He is shown rocking a hardcore look – fully equipped with a white muscle tank, leather jacket, chain, and gelled spiked do. What happened to the pure, innocent Justin that had all the preteens suffering from Bieber fever? Is this new, edgy Bieber here to stay?I wonder if the fans went crazy over the bad boy side of this seemingly pure pop star. We’re all used to the smiley, happy Justin Bieber who has girls all over the world screaming for his charm. This cover image makes him look as if he has one foot in the slammer.

I’m not sure if the magazine’s audience would be too interested in Justin Bieber, but I don’t blame them for featuring one of the biggest stars in the world. I’m sure sales didn’t suffer by any means. The story inside explores the artist’s personal thoughts on everything from movies and music to politics and sex. Bieber even says that sex should wait until love. It’s a bit jarring to listen to this pop star talk about such serious issues. Not that he shouldn’t be taken seriously, but boy, did he grow up fast! Remember the little YouTube sensation that Usher discovered just yesterday? That Justin wouldn’t talk about sex and hot button politics. I know it’s Rolling Stone and all, but how much did he change to fit the image of the publication?

This could be a good thing, however. Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh. To give him credit, he has handled himself incredibly well through his roller coaster journey to stardom. If he wants to show his rebellious side, why not? We all experimented with our personality and image during those teenage years. He’s just doing it in the spotlight. Maybe the new image will even bring in a new kind of audience. Trust me, I still have Bieber fever!

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