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May 21, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Twitter (@justinbieber)

Twitter (justinbieber)


Are you a Belieber? Because I’m not.

And considering the incredible uproar at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards after Justin Bieber won the Milestone Award, I am not alone.

Last night’s ceremony definitely proved to be an evening full of wild shenanigans: Miguel’s (now-infamous) crotch slamming, Selena Gomez dancing in an outfit inspired by The Fifth Element while Taylor Swift performed her celebration tune, “22,” dressed as a 12-year-old.

I’m not kidding, check out the Unicorn T.

I know, right? I don’t understand either, and I don’t want to.

However, the most surprising moment of the night came in the form of heckles, as the crowd gave the Biebs more than just a hard time.

After out-beating fellow nominees Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars for the Milestone Award, to say the audience was upset is an understatement. Not even the swarm of Beliebers could silence the resounding “Boo”‘s heard in the crowd. While waiting patiently for the jeers to drain, Bieber insisted that he’s doing a “pretty good job,” and wants fellow listeners to take his “craft” seriously.

Here’s the thing with that, Bieber. We cannot take your songs seriously when the main hook to your most famous song was Like baby, baby, baby, ohhh. This “craft” you speak of, must be a figment of your imagination. For your sake, Biebs, we’ll blame that on the brewski you were sipping on a week ago.

I may not like Bieber solely on his lack of lyrical depth, but I will say this, the kid is talented. And after walking away with two other awards that night, including Top Male Artist and Top Social Artist, I’d say that’s something to respect.

Where do you stand on last night’s Bieber booing?

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