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December 08, 2011  | by: Aubrian Body

Amanda Seyfried, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Ginnifer Goodwin all rockin' Judith Leiber clutches.

Handbags finish an outfit. They can either dress you up or down and have the ability to add a little pizazz the way no other accessory can. On the red carpet celebs love to carry that little clutch for a finishing touch, but who do they run to for great clutches? Judith Leiber.

Judith Leiber is an American luxury brand that takes the word handbag and turns it into style and sophistication. Judith Leiber, the founder of the company, was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, where she studied the craft of handbag making during World War II. Each of their products is produced through hand-work and flawless finishing techniques. You may have seen the brand and not even known it!
I love this brand and boy is it amazing to see design like these on handbags and clutches. Celebs love this brand and some are repeat offenders when it comes to wear the clutches like Kim K. She’s been photograph with a few of the crystallized clutches in an array of colors and designs.

Kim Kardashian and Paula Patton with Judith Leiber clutches

Kristin Davis is another victim drawn in to the designer’s gorgeous clutches and even turned her Sex in the City co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall on to the designer as well. All three have been spotted wearing clutches to red carpet events. These are just a few of the people who caught on to the designer not mention stars like Ashley Green, Vaness Hudgens, Halle Berry, and Brooke Shields. Paula Patton is another repeat offender. It seems Robin Thicke has some competition because Paula loves these clutches. She’s been spotted several time with different versions.


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