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May 18, 2012  | by: Kelly Gorrell

Photo Credit: Steve Solis / PR Photos

John Mayer is coming forth and admitting that in 2010 he had “a couple of dumb interviews.” Mayer took a break from the public eye for the past two years to re-evaluate who he is, which entailed learning how to be an adult.

In interviews with Rolling Stone and Playboy, Mayer went into specific detail regarding his personal life, talking sex, drugs and relationships, focusing on Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson.

In a controversial interview with Playboy magazine, Mayer said, Jessica Simpson is, “a drug…like crack cocaine to me…sexually it was crazy. That’s all I’ll say. It was like napalm, sexual napalm.”

Today, Mayer told Ellen DeGeneres, “I’m glad I actually stayed out of the spotlight. [Mayer told himself to] Go away and be 33 and 34, instead of 28 for the fourth year.”

Mayer explains that he “had to go home for a minute” to allow him to get his life straightened out and to focus on his true love, music. Mayer admits “I just sort of lost my head for a little while.”

While taking a few years off, Mayer recorded his fifth album, Born and Raised, which is set for release on May 22.

I think Mayer took a big step by apologizing and admitting that what he said in previous interviews was crossing the line. With his new album set to release, fans can now focus on what is most important to Mayer, his music, rather than his adolescent tongue.

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