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June 30, 2010  | by: Allison Pelle

June 25th marked the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. His death was sudden and unexpected this time last year, leaving millions of fans shocked and devastated.

We all lived in a Michael Jackson tribute for weeks after his death and were glad to see the legend was remembered again this year.

Michael’s father, Joe Jackson has filed a wrongful death suit against Michael’s doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray. It was filed in a federal court. He is also filing suit for involuntary manslaughter in a criminal court.

Dr. Murray received a great deal of negative attention after the details of Michael’s death emerged. Michael was paying Dr. Murray hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to be a personal doctor and Murray prescribed him an unhealthy amount of prescription drugs.

Allegations against Murray in this case claim that Murray withheld information from paramedics when they first responded on the scene as well as emergency room staff. Murray only reported that he had prescribed three medications to Jackson, none of which being propofol. Propofol is a strong sleep aid found in Jackson’s blood after his death. Joe Jackson believes that Murray’s lack of discretion in sharing this information could have saved Michael’s life.

Several other allegations against Murray are included in the report, including details that Murray instructed the drugs to be hidden before help arrived. Jackson believes that Murray is not solely responsible for Michael’s death. He is seeking monetary compensation for the damages.

Murray’s lawyer has responded to the suit with the following statement. “We continue to maintain Dr. Murray neither prescribed or administered anything that should have killed Michael Jackson. Dr. Murray is beloved by his patients because he is a compassionate, responsible physician dedicated to his patients’ health. We’d like to remind people that Dr. Murray has not been found guilty of anything and we believe his innocence will be proven in a court of law. We’ve been told we were going to be sued for months so today’s filing is no surprise to us.”

We can all hope that the truth is revealed during the upcoming trial. In any case, Michael can be remembered as the single greatest entertainer to been seen in our lifetime. His hard work for change and the betterment of society will not be forgotten. His music lives on with us and after the details of negligence concerning his death are settled, he will finally rest in peace.

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