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March 09, 2013  | by: Kaitlyn Vella
Twitter (@joebrooksmusic)

Twitter (@joebrooksmusic)


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for good boys who can play their own instruments. Mix that with a boy who has the voice of an angel and also happens to have a British accent? I’m sold. Joe Brooks happens to have all three of these qualities and this week the music video for his new single, “‘Til My Heart Stops Beating” finally dropped!

Joe Brooks is a 25-year-old musician from England. I discovered him this past summer and I’ve been listening to him on repeat ever since. His music isn’t like most we hear today; everything he sings about feels extremely real and incredibly relatable. I think that’s what drew me in so much at first. Well, that and the fact that he’s undeniably adorable.

Twitter (@joebrooksmusic)

Twitter (@joebrooksmusic)


His new music video for “‘Til My Heart Stops Beating” was uploaded to YouTube on March 4 and already has been racking in a hefty number of views and comments. Sure, it’s not as much as say Justin Bieber or One Direction, but it’s definitely a good amount. Plus, most of the comments are extremely positive. It’s safe to say that I’m not alone in loving Joe Brooks and that’s something I’m definitely happy about.

The music video was produced by Brooks himself, which was something that was new for him. He had a distinct idea for it, though, and just went with it. On his blog he wrote:

I have never produced or directed a music video before… or any kind of video at that, and I’m not claiming to be the next Steven Spielberger (yum), but what’s important is that I took on a challenge that scared me, and tried something new. I felt that regardless of how this was to turn out, I would be proud of giving it everything I had and would take from it everything I learnt along the way.

I think he did a really great job with the music video, which has a simple storyline that is shot quite beautifully. The music video follows Brooks on tour and doing a variety of different things. It gives fans the opportunity to look into his life a bit. They seem him traveling from state to state or to different countries. They seem him meeting a large number of fans. They seem him performing on stage. They seem him hanging out with pals. All throughout this, though, we’re also introduced to a girl who seems to be romantically linked to Brooks (for the purpose of the video).

The girl, played by Pretty Little Liar’s Tammin Sursok, isn’t with Brooks while he is on the road. Instead, she’s living her own life while he’s away. Although they’re separated, it’s clear that the pair is constantly thinking of each other. I think that this was a very interesting concept to portray in a music video. We always hear about how it’s hard for celebrities to date because they’re constantly busy and doing a variety of things that keep them away from their significant other. Sometimes that may be hard to understand, but this music video definitely made that concept more real. Plus the lyrics directly correlate with the feeling of not physically being with someone, yet always being with them mentally and emotionally.

I think that Joe Brooks did an amazing job at directing and producing this music video, regardless of the fact that it was his first time doing so. In fact, it didn’t even seem like it was his first time! The song is also really catchy and a beautiful song to listen to. There’s just something about his voice that constantly has me hitting repeat. I’ve definitely listened to this song and watched this music video a good thirty times already and I’m sure that number is only going to grow.

What do you think of Joe Brooks’s new music video? What about the song in general? Let us know!

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