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April 13, 2012  | by: Amanda Jones

Jill Milan

Jill Fraser started the leather-free, luxury brand Jill Milan in 2010 with her partner Milan Lazich. They are strongly against animal cruelty, especially in fashion, and even donate some of their proceeds to different animal welfare groups/charities. Last year they began a line of luxury handbags and business has been going great ever since.

Their Art Deco Clutch was featured in this month’s issue of W Magazine as a part of the “Most Wanted” feature. According to the article there are only 20 of them, which of course makes it even more desirable.

Gold Art Deco Clutch $2,500.00

There are several vegan, or leather-free, brands out there, so what sets their line apart from others? Well, Jill says in an interview with Fashion Salade, it’s their quality.

“Unlike many luxury brands, we source all materials in Italy and use handmade hardware. The hardware is custom and hand-made by another Florentine atelier that specializes in creating jewelry.  The Art Deco and all metal clutches are made entirely by this man.  He also creates most of the hardware for the bags, including the horse’s head on the Thoroughbred bag, the strips of metal on the Pacific Heights clutch and the tiny strips of metal on the Newport tote.  The production of a single sample style runs thousands of dollars and takes about two months.”

Thoroughbred Bag, Pacific Heights Clutch, Newport Quilted T

Sounds pretty sophisticated, which could explain why one of her bags was used in an episode of Gossip Girl, a show notorious for its couture taste. Caity Lotz of “Mad Men” and “Wilfred” star Fiona Gubelmann have also been seen sporting these high-end, faux-leather clutches. I can see why.

The bags are indeed quite beautiful and would make for a great conversation starter, but might also take an entire paycheck to purchase. A Jill Milan purse or clutch retails for about $450 to upwards of $2,000. Yeah, that just made them slightly less cute for me, but if you have the dough to spend then why not.

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