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November 05, 2011  | by: Stephanie Scott

Jhene Aiko

Continuing to sail towards success without selling herself, Jhene Aiko has released a new track called “In Love We Trust.” This new track is the first from her upcoming project, Souled Out, a sequel to her popular mixtape, Sailing Souls. It features Casey Veggies, Cali native and former Odd Future member.

In the song, she is telling a love story from a girl and guy perspective. On one hand, Aiko’s saying that she doesn’t believe in love anymore, but she believes in “her”, a metaphor for love.

‘In the heart of a lady there’s a lost little girl / With a head full of curls and the weight of the world on her shoulder

But her story is colder, hold up!

All the men that she said to encountered/ Have proved to be cowards, misused, and abused and have bruised her with power

Now her doubts get louder

And all her tears start building up, building up, building up

And all her fears start giving up, giving up, giving up

She don’t believe in love no more, no more, no more

She don’t believe in love, but I believe in her

From the guy’s perspective, he’s saying that not all of them are the same and that he has two separate brains. One that’s chasing her love and one that never thinks.

At the end, she says that both of them don’t believe in love anymore, but “love believes in us.”

You can download the song from her tumblr.

I don’t want to spoil the entire song, so with that being said, listen to Jhene’s new track and enjoy!

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