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March 24, 2012  | by: Martha Adjei

Jessica Simpson's photo censored by Arizona grocery store

Jessica Simpson’s nude shot on the April cover of Elle magazine made top news in the entertainment world, but yesterday, the infamous cover made news again when it was censored in a grocery store in Tucson, Arizona.

In the photo taken by a grocery store shopper, the cardboard is placed over Jessica’s body so that only Jessica’s head and the word “Elle” is showing at the top. The small cardboard panel reads: “Please do not remove cardboard.” According the Daily Mail, the photo went viral after the shopper posted the photo to Jezebel.com. According to Jezebel, mothers were complaining that the picture was too risqué for their young children. A spokeswoman for the grocery store told Jezebel they “try to be sensitive” to the needs of their customers, and leave such decisions up to each store’s manager. Sounds to me like the manager of the grocery store made the right decision – especially if there are kids involved.

I don’t think that this nude picture is that bad, but I can understand why mothers might complain. Nude photos are still controversial, and a nude pregnant photo even more so. I think that the store manager of the grocery store did what was best for his or her customers at the time. One thing’s for sure, the only child Elle was thinking about when they took that photo was Jessica’s – so I guess it’s up to each parent to protect their own child any way they can.

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