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April 09, 2013  | by: Kasey Kilinski
Flickr (daeyoung_park)

Flickr (daeyoung_park)


I know all of you have given in and watched at least one episode of the Italian movement that swept the nation: Jersey Shore. If you watched more than a few episodes, chances are you may (orrrr may not) remember Angelina. She definitely wasn’t the cast’s favorite…. or a fan favorite… and guess who has turned her down now?

The WWE. I guess Miss Angelina Pivarnick tried numerous times to get tickets to a Wrestle Mania event by tirelessly contacting employee after employee, but was turned down each time. What makes the situation more embarrassing for Angelina? Jersey Shore gal(not-so-much)pal, Snooki, was invited to the event.

Here is a picture Snooki posted on Twitter of her and The Miz, who started out on The Real World:




What has the infamous, drama starting Angelina been up to since her season and 1/16 on Jersey Shore? A lot. Angelina came out with a song called “I’m Hot” that you’ve probably never heard…. and once you do hear it you will wish you hadn’t. She also got tatted on reality show “NY-Ink.” Oh yeah, and she was briefly on TNA Wrestling…. what is even happening in this video!?! And still couldn’t get into Wrestle Mania. Womp wommmp.

Angelina’s latest project is entitled “The Comeback.” She is asking friends and fans for donations so she can make this “comeback” a reality. A reality TV show, that is. She wants this show to follow her through her daily life. Will Angelina get enough money to take “The Comeback” to the next level? Well guess what… SHE HAS!!

Check out the pilot and the page where you can donate to Angelina’s show here. Looks like Angelina shot that pilot herself and should take a video editing class. Or just Google it.

What is the world coming to?! I wonder if “Wicked Single” will have an Angelina.

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