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May 02, 2013  | by: Leigh Badrigian
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Instagram (justsomeperfectpeople)


Are Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult back together? Oh, say it is so!

Monday night, the former flames were seen exiting the same restaurant in Hollywood after dining together, making us believe that the only thing these two were really hungry for were each other!

But before we all start jumping for joy (gawd I love these two!) let’s get the facts, shall we? Because, as we all know, celeb-related news can always be counted as 100% factual. Tabloids are basically God’s written word. So let’s focus on what we know about this fabulous pair.

1. Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult…or JLoult…or maybe Jecholas…Nennifer?…broke up early this year after dating for two years. They met while filming X-Men: First Class, and since both have eyes, they began dating.

2. Nicholas Hoult is a Brit. Jennifer Lawrence is American. They’re both tens on the scale of hotness. Together they make too beautiful a pair. FACT.

3. They will soon begin filming the next X-Men film, and thus the two will be forced to be in close proximity to each other…maybe even have to…I’m going to say it…kiss. This could get awkward folks. Or could it just get…magical?

But back to Monday’s date…or business meeting…or reunion…or…what the heck was it?!

Jen and Nic dined at Hollywood restaurant Little Door. Hmm…interesting choice, Jecholas. Are you trying to tell us something? You dine at Little Door, therefore you’re opening a little door to your relationship? Are you letting love back in through the little door? Is this what you’re trying to say, Nennifer?! I’m onto you! I was an English major. I know symbolism when I see it!

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 1.53.42 PM

Instagram (theseleadingladies)

Jennifer was also seen carrying Anna Karenina to dinner. I mean the book, not the person. This either means that she thought the date would get boring and would thus need something riveting to read, but that wouldn’t make any sense! If she wanted something riveting to read she would choose another book. Also, one cannot get bored if one just stares at Nic Hoult’s face.

But maybe everyone thought it was a book, but in fact, it was one of those Olympia Le-Tan book clutches that we’ve seen intelligent celebrity women carrying! JLaw is intelligent. She agreed to have dinner with Nic Hoult after all. And she dated him for two years. The chick is practically a genius!

But, according to People magazine, the two didn’t seem affectionate during the dinner. So maybe it was a business meeting after all? They were maybe discussing the next X-Men, or possibly starting a book club together, hence the “light” reading? But they can’t just be friends, right? I have never and will never believe that two people who had an intimate relationship for two years and are attracted to each other can just be friends. If so, maybe these two really are X-Men with superpowers!

The fact is, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult had dinner together Monday night. And though Jen once said, “My boyfriend is honestly my best friend, and hopefully I’m his best friend too. He’s my favorite person to be around and he makes me laugh harder than anybody,” it doesn’t mean that she’s ready to start things up again with her best friend. She’s an Oscar winner now, you guys! The girl’s in high demand in Hollywood! She doesn’t have time to date! Isn’t that why they broke up in the first place?

Therefore, my only suggestion to the two is this…JUST GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY!

What do you guys think? Do you think this dins was really a date? Are you team JHoult?


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