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February 20, 2012  | by: Lindsay Barton

Jennifer Aniston, InStyle Magazine

We all know her as Rachel from Friends, but that was years ago. The 43-year-old hits the big screen again in Wanderlust, a movie about a power couple that head to a hippie commune in Tennessee. Jen says she’s never felt better and that she doesn’t feel her age. She doesn’t look it, either! Her relationship with Jason Theroux is just heating up and she could care less about Brangelina drama.

Jen at the InStyle shoot

Jen sat down with InStyle to talk about all things fashion, romance, and how she maintains her fabulous physique. She feels sexiest in jeans and her boyfriend’s tee shirt. Chris Bailey for Burberry and Tom Ford are her favorite designers, but don’t expect her to take a walk in high heels anytime soon. Jen said they’re no easy feat. She plays it safe on the red carpet and would love to wear a long jersey tank instead of a gorgeous, yet uncomfortable gown. Boots, blazers, scarves and jeans are mainstays in her wardrobe. A black leather jacket for the winter is a must.

Jen at a red carpet event

Jen’s famously fit figure has been the talk of the tabloids for years. How does a woman in their early 40s look like a 20-year old? Jen works out almost daily, at least five times a week. She mixes up her regimen with cardio, pilates and yoga. She even takes eight pound weights with her when she travels. Now that’s dedication! Jen also stays out of the sun and wears sunscreen to keep her skin glowing.

Jen in a Smartwater ad

The “Friends” star says she’s at a “joyful and peaceful” time in her life. She can’t get enough of new boyfriend Jason Theroux and sold her posh Beverly Hills home for $38 million. Jen has apartments in New York so the relationship can last from coast-to-coast. She’s definitely the hottest woman of all time, thanks to Men’s Health magazine.

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