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June 30, 2011  | by: Vivian Dai

Lois Lowry's "The Giver"

Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges’s next project, which has finally been greenlighted after several years, will delight young bookworms. Bridges plans to both produce and star in the movie adaptation of Lois Lowry’s young adult classic, The Giver.

The famous dystopian novel, which won the Newbery medal in 1994, follows the story of Jonas, a boy given the role by his society of bearing the memory of the past. The elderly Giver passes on to him all of the memories, which reveal dark secrets about the seemingly perfect world Jonas lives in. Bridges would play the Giver, a role he had originally hoped for his father, the late Lloyd Bridges, to play. Bridges says, at his age, “the time is right” for him to take on the role himself.

Bridges became interested in the book in the 1990s, when his daughter read it in school. The rights first went to Warner Brothers and director David Yates in 2007, but that plan fell through when Yates became attached to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Now, Bridges is partnering with producer Nikki Silver and writer Vadim Perelman to make the film. A director and studio have not yet been announced.

The last film that Bridges produced—and he only has three producing credits to his name—was 2010’s Crazy Heart, which earned him an Academy Award. He was nominated again at this year’s Oscars for his role in True Grit, so with the wave of attention he is getting, it will be interesting to see how successful this will be and which audience the film caters to. Many are also wondering about the rest of the cast, especially who will play Jonas, who is 12 years old in the novel and requires a rather sophisticated actor to drive much of the storyline.

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