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October 24, 2011  | by: Aubrian Body

Janell Green

Janell Green: pretty face, lingerie designer, and go-getter! This young woman is the role model for anyone trying to break into the fashion industry. I had a chance to sit down with Janell and figure out her story.

Janell was born and raised in Monterey, California.  “I was always referred to as a “fashionista,” said Janell.  Since she was a child, she has made a habit of changing clothes a minimum of 5 times per day.  Some would say that’s a little OCD, but we fashion lovers understand her passion for beautiful things!
At age 5, her parents gifted Janell with a personal drafting desk, which was the start of a beautiful relationship.  As she drew, Janell always found herself designing clothes and sketching patterns, some based on her favorite movie.

“I remember watching the movie Clueless for the first time,” Janell said.  “The garments worn by Alicia Silverstone and Stacy Dash were the epitome of fashion in my eyes. I would sit and re-design the outfits they wore, always with a butterfly (which is now  her trademark) strategically placed to make those designs my own.”

After an inspirational trip to Japan, a move to Atlanta, and a job as an assistant designer to Stella Page Handbags (a delicious line, by the way), Janell started her own custom lingerie design company at age 20.  Once she saw an increase in clientele, she was able to work alongside many talented names in the industry on private fashion shows and photo shoots.  Janell’s worked on photo shoots for Vanity Fair and has shot with many local artists in Atlanta, Georgia and many film gurus based in both LA and ATL.  She is currently designing a “lingerie as streetwear” line for a famous A-list celebrity.

One of Janell Green's Designs

Janell now attends American Intercontinental University Buckhead. While there, she started an online fashion blog ( where she offers fashion advice to readers. The success of her blog caused Janell to think outside the box, and on December 13 she will be launching a brand new virtual styling business. It will consist of an e-mag, virtual closets, styling packages, and everything fashion related. Clients will be able to see and style themselves virtually via a 3-D avatar with their measurements. She’s still on the search for wardrobe stylists, and if you have a portfolio, you can email Janell at

Janell is truly an inspiration to me, and I honestly look up to her. She is amazing at what she does and has a determination level many people only dream of. I’m so proud to say I know this future fashion mogul, and with her new business launching in December, I’m sure she’ll be plenty successful. It just goes to show you hard work does pay off!

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