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February 03, 2012  | by: Amanda Jones

“Jane By Design” is off to a great start. ABC’s newest sitcom drama premiered on January 3, and is keeping a fairly steady stream of viewers. Hopefully, ratings will go up to ensure a second season, because the show is surprisingly captivating.

“Jane by Design” follows a high school girl Jane Quimby and her struggle to keep her new job while going to school. Jane is mistaken for an older, more qualified Jane and receives a job as an executive assistant rather than an intern. She keeps the position, because her family needs the money and she does have a knack for fashion. A good cast of entertaining supporting characters, including her best friend Billy, super cute crush Nick and nemesis at work India, makes this show fun.

FROM LEFT: crush Nick Fadden, Jane and best friend Billy Nutter, nemesis India Jourdain

The fashion is  huge aspect to the show. It’s not quite “Gossip Girl” status as far as fabulous clothes, though truthfully few shows nail cast wardrobes as perfectly as that show does, but it’s not bad either. Jane wears some pretty funky stuff such as her interview outfit in the pilot episode, her Michael Jackson-esque jacket, and her black-and-white blouse from Tuesday’s episode. Erica Dasher, who plays Jane, even talks about her own fashion style in Entertainment Weekly. Read it here: Erica Dasher Interview.

FROM LEFT: Tuesday's Episode, Pilot Episode, Jane's Michael Jackson-esque jacket

It’s still too soon to say if I love the show, episode five just aired, but I like it enough to keep watching for now. It airs Tuesdays at 9 pm, and for a limited time, previous episodes are on ABC Family’s website. So if you haven’t seen it, or missed a few episodes, I suggest making some popcorn, grabbing a coke, and catching up before next week’s airs.

Jane by Design Cast

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