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September 01, 2013  | by: Neil Protacio
Twitter (HorrorNightsOrlando)

Twitter (HorrorNightsOrlando)


As the summer season begins to dwindle down to its final days, and the ripened leaves begin to roll with the gentle gusts of wind, the eerie fogs begin to manifest as the silent whispers begin to murmur from the mist. Autumn is upon us and with that comes Halloween!

Now you’re probably wondering… Halloween? That’s child’s play! On the contrary! Halloween has become a marketable holiday with an industry that’s raking dollars in the billions zone. It’s a day when makeup artists go complete balls to the wall crazy with their talent, when children get to purge on candy and run amuck, and most importantly, when horror fans begin to descend upon their nearest theme parks and noted Halloween attractions to immerse themselves in a world of terror.

The months of September and October (and perhaps even November if you’re lucky!) will see haunted houses erected for the gore and horror fans in all of us. If you’re not into being scared out of your mind, think of this season as an opportunity to get closer to your ‘boo-thang’. C’mon, people. Imagine going through a dark hallway with your man in a deep embrace as you navigate into the black. Totes cute!

But this Halloween season, put yourself into the mindset of a Halloween scream queen (or king). Ever watched a movie and wondered what it might be like if you were one of the characters? Well here’s your chance with these Hollywood-Gone-Real attractions!

The Purge: Fear the Night, Los Angeles, CA
INTERACTIVE: The production company behind Paranormal Activity, Sinister, Insidious, and The Purge bring you The Purge: Fear the Night. In this Blumhouse Production experience, guests become “delegates” to the annual convention of the New Founding Fathers, the ruling governing party of America. You know the rules: all crime is legal and everything you do has a consequence.


Twitter (HorrorNights)

Twitter (HorrorNights)

Universal Studios: Halloween Horror Nights, Hollywood, CA
WALKTHROUGH MAZES: If it’s Universal Studios, it’s the real deal. This year, Universal Studios Hollywood will bring to life a barrage of horror films and shows including Insidious 2, Evil Dead, and The Walking Dead. Its newest, original addition, El Cucuy: The Boogieman will feature the voice of actor Danny Trejo. Halloween Horror Nights will also crank out a 3D maze inspired by the music of Black Sabbath and a maze that scrapbooks and remixes your favorite Universal Studios monsters to a dubstep track! Throw in some creepy scare-zones inspired by Chucky and The Purge and you’ve got yourself a night filled with screams!

Universal Studios: Halloween Horror Nights,Orlando, FL
WALKTHROUGH MAZES: The sister site in Orlando, Florida isn’t letting California take all the glory. Universal Studios Orlando will also offer both the Evil Dead and The Walking Dead; however, their roster includes a tap on the shoulder for gamers looking to step into their first-person shooters. Resident Evil will be making its appearance in Orlando as a maze, alongside Cabin in the Woods and the classic, American Werewolf in London.



Twitter (TheRealElvira)

Twitter (TheRealElvira)

Knott’s Scary Farm, Buena Park, CA
SHOW: Long gone are the days of low-grade movie marathons – well, unless you’re watching SyFy on a weekend. Elvira, yes… THE ELVIRA: Mistress of the Dark, will make her way to Knott’s Scary Farm where she will star in her own stage show: Elvira’s Sinema Séance. The show is a break from the no-safezone horror that Knott’s Scary Farm is known for, jabbing Elvira’s guests instead with music, sass, and well, just flat-out foolishness.

Delusion, Los Angeles, CA
INTERACTIVE: The thrilling, interactive horror play was written and created by Jon Braver, a famed Hollywood stunt man, who I’m assuming knows a thing or two about special effects. Last year, Neil Patrick Harris co-produced Delusion: Blood Rite and from what I’ve heard from a good gal pal of mine, it was one of the most creative ideas she’s ever experienced. The interactive experience is driven by audience participation where you will most definitely be split from your group and embark on your own scare-venture. The screams are aplenty for this psychologically disturbing play!

Blood Manor, New York, NY
WALKTHROUGH: 5,000 square feet of rooms and corridors await you at Blood Manor, hailed as the premier haunted house of New York. While Hollywood has very little to do with the production of this particular attraction, it’s captured the hearts of New Yorkers and pop culture pundits alike including Access Hollywood and Perez Hilton. On top of that, Blood Manor was rated as one of the scariest haunted houses in America!


Twitter (nychauntedhouse)

Twitter (nychauntedhouse)

BLACKOUT:elements,New York, Los Angeles, Chicago
INTERACTIVE: Another not-very Hollywood-related attraction has hit three major cities and it’s come with a stamp of approval from both the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times. Yes, it’s that damn scary. The interactive experience is restricted to the 18+ crowd only and has a safety word, meaning the actors can do whatever they damn well please with you. And while you may think you have the comfort of friends or family to run to, think again. BLACKOUT:elements has this rule: you’re going in alone.

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