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February 06, 2012  | by: Camay Abraham

Jackie Perez a.k.a The Jack Rabbitt

“I wonder what she’ll be wearing today,” one girl ponders to her fellow female classmates.

“Shhh, here she comes.” another says quickly. As they all turn around, they try to nonchalantly look her over. Traipsing into class late with her short auburn hair, glittery eyes and the frilliest lemon colored tutu that would make Degas swoon, Jackie Perez makes a quiet but impacting entrance. Which is usually everyday.

This happened when I was a mere college freshmen and I have even told this story to my stylish friend years later, when we now reminisce of past college crazy days. Jackie (a.k.a The Jack Rabbitt – I have no idea where she got this nickname) graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and continues to turn heads with her eclectic style. I managed to catch up with her to see how this colorful lady ticks.

Where did you get your style?

I started dressing the way I do from high school. I had to go back-to-school shopping and I decided that I’m only gonna get things that catch my eye, things that don’t really go together. They have to be cheap and I have to like them.

Do you have a style muse?

Definitely my grandma. My one and only mentor, the Mr. Miyagi of my life. Her name is Shelly Balloon- her REAL name too. She used to own a balloon business and decided to legally change her name to Shelly Balloon!  She’s a big colorful lady and wears a lot of crazy stuff like sweaters with lights sewn in or fruit purses. Whatever she doesn’t want I get.

Do you consider yourself fashionable?

Inwardly I think I’m practical, but I have been told I am. In high school people used to call me “Walking Acid Trip”. But I don’t know…I’m just me.

Jackie Perez

Although she may not be sporting flouncy tutus anymore, she is still creating trends according to her own beat with rainbow hair, beaten up wrestler’s shoes, an array of quirky vintage dresses and bicyclist friendly leggings. I can’t wait to turn my head again and see what quiet impacting entrance she will make next.

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