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October 28, 2010  | by: Kerri O'Malley

Conan and Jack White Make Sweet, Sweet Music

It’s the stuff of history books.  Centuries ago, the Civil War tore the country apart, rupturing a union based on liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  But that battle paled in comparison to this year’s epic Conan O’Brien v. Jay Leno bloodbath.

Although the consensus now is that Jay Leno is evil, the scales hadn’t totally balanced until TBS announced it would be giving CoCo his own show: CONAN. The good news keeps on coming: it’s just been revealed that the 11pm premiere of CONAN on November 8th will feature Jack White as the first musical guest.  Team Coco: you can call this a definite “win.”

While it’s not yet clear which of White’s bands will perform (the options are almost endless), it’s good to see the two buddies back together again.  White has performed on numerous episodes of Conan’s previous shows and released a couple of vinyls with Conan early this year on his Third Man Records label.  One notably featured a Coco cover of “Seven Nation Army” and a side-splitting interview with Jack White.  The two have also been known to jam together. Hopefully, we’ll catch a glimpse of Coco’s shredding glory, but either way, the show is sure to rock.  Seth Rogen will also appear, so don’t miss it!

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