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May 03, 2013  | by: Jara Montez
Flickr (thecomeupshow)

Flickr (thecomeupshow)


If you’re A) Impatient, B) a J. Cole fan, or C) Both, then what a lucky week this has been for you!

J. Cole oh-so-graciously gave his fans a nice little group of songs to hold us over for the delay of his second studio album, Born Sinner. In addition to the uber successful single, “Power Trip”, earlier this week he released “Cole Summer”, and followed up with Yours Truly 2, a six-track mix tape.

Here were my immediate reactions: THANK YOU. OMG. FINALLY. Wait what is this song about Chris Tucker? BUT REALLY, THANK YOU.

I don’t know about you, but the delay of Born Sinner until June 25 was like the equivalent of going to Krispy Kreme because the “Hot Now” sign was on, only to have them be like “APRIL FOOLS”. Crushing. Soul crushing.

But the new material, while it won’t be on the album, is a refreshing reunion with Cole.

On “Cole Summer”, a laid back sample of Lauryn Hill’s “Nothing Even Matters”, he raps about various everyday scenes like Drake squandering money at the strip club (typical). But the most endearing is telling his mother to quit her job at the Post Office, which inspired the tracks cover photo.




The remaining five songs on the mix tape are a myriad of anecdotes about his life, pre, and post becoming a successful rapper. And that is precisely why we all love J. Cole.

Yeah, yeah, we’ve got the lyrics regarding girls, and money, and more girls. But there’s  significantly more substance in his raps about this trite subjects. I’ve gone on record multiple times about this. Maybe it’s just two difference kinds of rap music. Maybe it’s for two completely different demographics. But I know this; we’re losing the real emotion in rap music to the unattainable “strip club and dolla biiiiiilllls”.

J. COLE, PLEASE BLESS US WITH YOUR AMAZING LYRICS, MELLOW BEATS, AND RELATABLE STORIES. Born Sinner is sure to live up to expectation, but I’ll definitely settle with Yours Truly and Yours Truly 2 for now.

Are you in, or are you in?

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