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May 21, 2013  | by: Jara Montez



Think back to 2007 when Harry and Voldemort squared off for the last time in the release of “Deathly Hallows”, George ‘Dubya’ Bush was still President, and Apple decided to introduce a product called the “iPhone”.

Rapper 5O Cent was also still relevant in 2007. So relevant that he decided to embark on a “battle” with fellow emcee, Kanye West. Since both of their albums were to be released on the same day, 50 Cent made a bold statement that if West outsold him in album sales within the first week, he would retire.

Well, I’m sure we all know the outcome; Kanye obviously won, 50 Cent ended up not retiring, and is still desperately attempting to make a comeback into the rap game, while West pretty much owns it. Should’ve just retired, 50.

Flash forward to now, where rapper J. Cole has decided to release his album on the same day as West this summer. Cole’s Born Sinner and West’s Yeezus are both set to drop June 18th.

On Monday morning, Cole revealed two album covers on Twitter and Instagram.

“Kanye West is one of the greatest artists of our generation. Which is exactly why I’m moving my release date up. Born Sinner June 18th.”





This is all coming a few days after West confirmed the album cover for Yeezus on his website (it’s also already available for pre-order, btw).





No “official” rap battle a la 50 Cent has been established, but it seems that Cole is attempting to  have his own little personal battle to see which Swag King will win.

So, let’s pretend we’re clairvoyants and project which artist will emerge as the winner!


Whoops, sorry. Was that a little anti-climactic?

It was. But I figured I’d offer the straight up truth.

Since we’re just being honest here, West and Cole are in two completely separate leagues regarding music and stature. This will be Cole’s second studio album; West’s sixth. Cole is still considered just a rapper, while West has molded himself into a business man, complete with fashion lines, food companies and foundations.

He’s been around longer, he’s constantly in the news and he’s the father of the most famous/annoying (depending on your stance) TV personality. In short, more people know about West compared to Cole, which means more people will buy West’s album. I’m not implying that popularity always wins, but West has a strong foundation and track record with great music. Cole is still building his.

On the bright side, Cole’s single “Power Trip” has been incredibly well received. If it’s a foreshadow for his album, then it will be a success. But couldn’t it have been a success on its own?! Why J. Cole, why?! Born Sinner was intended to be released a week later on the 25th. What was wrong with that date? Now, you’re music will be shrouded by the success, controversy, publicity, etc. by West’s album.

Sigh, boys will be boys.

Oh, and here’s “three’s company” for ya; guess when Mac Miller is releasing his album?! YUP. JUNE 18TH. Who’s next??

Bieber, you better not have anything planned…

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