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May 03, 2013  | by: Aanchal Jiwrajka
Twitter (huffingtonpost)

Twitter (huffingtonpost)


Over the past few years, designers and trends have been influenced by the past eras. We saw the 60s, 70s and even the dreadful 80s make a comeback in the last year.  But in 2013, we have seen the era that most of us have actually seen ourselves — the nineties. 

The nineties trends are making a huge comeback and they are as popular as they were in the 90s! The grunge teen spirited decade is definitely back and this time with a tasteful approach. Grungy styles and punk rock looks might have hit the runway, but there are a couple of looks that I definitely think are ready to hit the markets, once again.

The period has certain innovative and quirky trends that happened in the nineties and stayed in the nineties. Yes, we are talking about the jelly shoes, slap bracelets and many other things. There are several other trends from 90s that I think could be revived today.

Twitter (popsugarfashion)

Twitter (popsugarfashion)


My favorite from the nineties was definitely the overalls, and they definitely have been in for a while now, especially after being showcased on Girls. Full denim overalls are definitely great for the summers that are going to hit us, but the catch is how to wear them. Breton stripes are just the go to for this really comfortable and chic trend. So, you can either remove your old pair (if you haven’t donated it already) or get a great pair from Topshop.

The other trend that I really wish for a comeback is the wide legged jeans. They were worn by the skaters in that era, but today you don’t need to have any ‘balance’ skills to wear this trend.  Although, they might be horrible to wear in the rain or snow, these pants definitely make your ass look great.

Twitter (ddlovato)

Twitter (ddlovato)

The nineties were also full of accessory trends, from weird shoes to wacky clips. This was also the era of chokers. And I certainly think these chokers are a very chic trend. With statement necklaces making its mark nowadays, chokers, whether bold bohemian or sleek and minimalistic are a great way to add some drama to your outfit. Some great chokers we saw on the Spring runway were at Givenchy and Dries Van Noten. But nothing speaks more 90s than a dangling choker or a tattoo choker. What do you have to say about them?

There are plenty of nineties trends that were a big hit then, but are definitely tacky to wear today (remember the popcorn tops and spider comb headbands) On the other hand, there are some nineties styles that can certainly be complemented with today’s fashion trends. So if you have those cute outfits from the 90s lying back in your closet or attic, now is the time to get it back to your wardrobe again. Point is, would you embrace them once again?

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