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March 30, 2013  | by: Taja Whitted

Flickr (Tajaw)


This week its all about the details in the city. Street walkers were spotted with big bags, colorful accents, and exotic accessories that made their monochrome outfits stand out. A great lesson on how a simple piece can transform your outfit.

Isn’t everyone always searching for the biggest bag to carry everything they may need in a possible fashion emergency?

This woman seems to have it all in her large brown leather bag. A definite stand out piece due to its size but the wearer also chose to style herself in a monochromatic theme of black which lets the bag speak for itself.


Flickr (Tajaw)


On the topic of bags, check out what a printed version can do.

This woman is wearing a simple beige and white outfit that is low key. Her wedges stand out as they are dramatic after gazing at a creme outfit. What works with this outfit is that she tied in a tribal clutch to tie in the darkness of the shoes pulling the whole outfit together.


Flickr (Tajaw)


Here was an unexpected surprise. As New Yorkers are famed for wearing all black, this woman surprised who ever was behind her with a touch of blue. What is also incredible about this look is how exact the two colors of the sash and her purse match, a match made in fashion heaven.


Flickr (Tajaw)


Lastly, sometimes we can forget about our shoes. We worry about the jewelry, the purse, the hair, and throw any old heel on to match. At first glance you may think these are a regular stack heel but if you look very closely you will see there is a piece of tan at the end of the heel which matches the trench coat perfectly.

How do you rock details into your outfit?


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