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March 08, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Twitter (@Cosmopolitan)

Twitter (@Cosmopolitan)

I have a blue house with a blue window.

Blue is the color of Miley’s new hair.

Blue are the streets and all the trees are too.

I have a girlfriend and she is so…. Wait, what is the word again?

Oh yeah – BLUE. We here are emcBlue have never had any qualms about which color of the rainbow we preferred best. Red is super aggressive, and we’re still not down with orange since “The Jersey Shore.” But blue, whether it be on Ke$ha’s lips, or Kate Middleton’s 18 inch hips, remains ever phenomenal.

And it seems Hollywood agrees. A “scandal” broke out Monday morning when a paparazzi photographed Miley Cyrus with some rather cerulean-looking locks. Mileybird clarified later on her Twitter that “that shits PLATINUM” (and, yes, by “shit” she is referring to her hair.) First of all, this hardly would have been an unprecedented thing for Cyrus to do – she is after all the one who flaunted her bun around all summer, coaxing America into loving it before savagely chopping it off. And secondly, why is blue hair such a big deal?

Flickr (L.E.B.)

Flickr (L.E.B.)

You may not think that a sapphire mane sounds reasonable… this isn’t Avatar after all. And sure, the Hollywood ratio of blondes to blues is severely tilted in the former’s favor, but a few trendsetting stars are paving the way for the next craze in colored hair. #trueblue

Let’s name drop, shall we? We have Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, retro Gwen Stefani, Beth Ditto, Juliette Lewis, and Kelis. On the manly side of things we have Marc Jacobs, Jared Leto, Adam Lambert, Adrien Brody and Chris Brown. On the half-blonde, half-blue team we have Kate Hudson, Kate Bosworth (right) and Jaime King.

And let’s not forget the queen of blue hair herself, the one and only Katy Perry.


Flickr (domingo gusi)

Flickr (domingo gusi)


Colored hair is far from a new trend. But unlike ombre or decorative buzz cuts, this trend just won’t die. It’s like the “One Tree Hill” of hair fads. And even though that show was on for like 5 years too many, we still all wanted to climb Chad Michael Murray like a tree. Just like we all secretly want to rock out with some electric blue streaks.

Now is the time my friends! The world has never been more ready for a brigade of blue-haired hotties showing them where it’s really at.

Are you planning to get on board with this trend? Or is blue hair just a little too much for you?

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