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July 16, 2012  | by: Abby Oladipo

Jill Stein

In a nation where the major political parties are Democratic and Republican, people tend to forget that other parties exist. Parties like the Green Party which just unveiled its presidential nominee. While historically candidates from the major parties win presidential elections, this could be the year a candidate from another party gains major ground, and the Green Party is hoping their nominee, Jill Stein, can accomplish that feat.

Jill Stein is an internist, a doctor who specializes in diseases affecting the internal organs, from Lexington Massachusetts. Stein 62, won the party’s vote with 193.5 delegates compared to opponent Roseanne Barr‘s 72. Part of Stein’s platform includes a Green New Deal, which she says is designed to create 23 million jobs and start a green economy. This she says, will eliminate the need for oil and focus on the issues regarding climate change.

Stein has been around the political scene for some time and has history with presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who Stein ran against for Massachusetts governor ten years ago but won only 3 percent of the votes.

“I entered that race in desperation as a medical doctor and a mother seeing things unraveling and the political system incapable of responding to it,” Stein said.

Now she has a chance to face Romney again in this years election and she wastes no time criticizing both Romney and President Obama.

Stein speaks to voters during a tour of City Fresh Foods’ urban garden in Roxbury, Mass.

“We need real public servants who listen to the people – not to the corporate lobbyists that funnel campaign checks into the big war chests,” Stein said, “That’s what brought me to the Green Party, the only national party that is not bought and paid for by corporate money.”

“You don’t get democracy by silencing the voice of the public interest,” Stein said and mentioned that recent events like Occupy Wall Street has been an example of people’s dissatisfied views of the major parties.

A Green Party win however is a slim chance and Stein recognizes that but says the party’s exposure would also be good thing. “We are in it to win it, but we’re also in it to build it, and those are both wins in my book,”  Stein said. The Green Party recently qualified for federal matching funds for the first time and Stein says this is a sign of change.

“The corporate-sponsored political parties – the establishment – isn’t going to change the status quo for us. We’ve got to do it.”

Do you think the Green Party will gain more exposure in this year’s presidential race?

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