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October 04, 2012  | by: Gloria Reyes

Cute monkey biting its owner

Are you the one in the group who always lets out a startling “Awwwwww” whenever you see a species that’s not your own? Cuddly and less complicated, animals add a dynamic to our world that’s simply unfulfillable by humans. Channels like National Geographic and Animal Planet give us other-worldy access to the gripping lives of our extraordinary friends, and lately, they’ve released some great new animal programs that’ll be sure to make your tail wag….or whatever that is you have back there…

Just last night, Nat Geo Wild premiered “Animal Intervention.” We’ve seen the age old drug addiction unfold in “Rehab with Dr. Drew,” and countless shopping addictions in “You’re Cut Off” and will see in the soon to arrive “My Shopping Addiction” (can’t wait for that),  and even the drama addicts in The Real Housewives of New Beverly Atlanta, and Basketball Wives, and Hip Hop Wives, and Please, Just Divorce Me…Wives. Well finally we cross over to the addiction to Wild Animals. Rarrr. Perhaps the scariest and dumbest addiction of all? ..Rar? So, in this new program, two animal enthusiasts travel around the country to visit the homes of misguided owners who keep wild animals, including tigers, leopards, monkeys and bears, past the point of safety and reason, with the intent of educating the deluded animal lovers and convincing them of adopting out their inevitably ferocious creatures to more appropriate lifestyles.

Lion on "Animal Intervention"

Do they listen? NO! At least, so far. Could we describe their decisions as wild, maybe? Okay, at the very least, we can describe it as defiant, which was the exact behavior displayed by many of the “pets” on last night’s episode. Take the leopard who smacked his magician owner in the face as the cameras rolled for his interview, a man with more than 20 years of big cat experience under his cape. Kitty love tap? OR blunt reminder of the physical dominance and supreme power this pretty feline possessed over the scrawny idiot on the couch. This was a far ways away from Garfield. And I wouldn’t mess with him either without a plate full of lasagna. Keep the leopard print to a Saturday night thong maximum. Reasons to watch: To find out what makes these people so bound to wild animals to the point of dismissing the eminent danger in which they live. TWO, there’s a two… How much harm is this human refusal to let go causing the animals?

(To help abused wildlife, go to /or/ text “tiger” to 20222)

Okay, so, like so. Nat Geo Wild has also brought back, apparently, another amazing show called “The Incredible Dr. Pol.” If you’re more compelled by a tame setting, this could work for you. Dr. Pol is the head Vet at his hustling and bustling, and often, barking, meowing and squawking, animal hospital, and is quite a colorful individual himself. Throughout the week, he, his accent, and his son answer to farm call emergencies where they handle all kinds of cases, from delivering a baby calf before Mama Moo slips away to plucking out decayed teeth from ponies in order for them to be able to eat again. Like any other animal hospital, Dr. Pol conducts in-office surgeries and treatments on the normal pets too, like a dog who had a ball of fat on his neck the size of a grapefruit, and one who had mistaken a fishhook for a doggy treat and had unwittingly given himself an unbecoming tongue piercing, and even a rat. Did I say normal before? Well, I did say rat.

I really like this show because it provides a more intimate understanding of the different biological and health conditions of our animal buds. Reasons to watch: The sentence I just finished writing, and it really gives people watching a better understanding of the responsibilities tied to having and caring for pets.


Speaking of pets, look out for a new episode of “Too Cute”, an Animal Planet show about the most irresistibly adorable tiny baby pets imaginable. Think Baby Looney Toons, but cuter. Think dark brown Fall boots, but cuter. Expect baby bunnies, puppies, kittens, and even baby porcupines!!! These precious heart-warmers will have your mouth floating to your cheeks (that’s a smile) in complete adoration. Personally, I never wanted to squeeze a porcupine so badddd!!!!

(If you’re looking for a new animal bud to bring home, consider visiting shelters first. They could really use a loving home!)

Upside Down Puppy

What animal show are you looking forward to this season?





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