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May 24, 2012  | by: Natalia Weiner

Sarah Burge

Sarah Burge, 51, famous in England as “The Human Barbie,” already shocked the world by admitting that she had spent $1,000,000 on plastic surgery to modify herself to look like a Barbie doll. After a number of equally staggering antics, including teaching her 8-year-old daughter Poppy to dance on a pole and giving her a $12,000 voucher for Botox as well as a number of other such sums for unnecessary surgeries, it seems that even polite, Anderson  “Silver Fox” Cooper had enough of her and booted her off his talk show on Tuesday.

During the show, Cooper asked Burge to explain why she would give her daughter money just so that she wouldn’t sweat on stage during beauty pageants. Burge shot back that she would rather her daughter get Botox under her supervision than go to “some voodoo witch doctor.”

Anderson Cooper

After a second of stunned silence, Cooper told Burge: “I really don’t have anything more to say to you…I really don’t want to talk to you anymore.” Burge (along with her horridly tight green dress) promptly left the stage. “I got the feeling this was just about the publicity,” Cooper said after the show, but reassured the audience that he did not intend to be rude to her and wishes her the best.

With reality shows such as Dance Moms and Toddlers in Tiaras showcasing mothers exploiting their small children while sporting designer clothes and new body parts, it is a wonder that this hasn’t come to the attention of Child Services. The world can only hope that Poppy in all of her glitz and glory doesn’t grow up to be on what would probably be the thirteenth season of Teen Mom.

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