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July 27, 2012  | by: Anissa Pierre

Printed Pants

Printed pants were all the rage this summer, and the frenzy continues into the fall. Although the trend is crossing seasonal boarders, the pants you wore this summer won’t necessarily make the transition. Your summer pants were bright and light weight, but for the fall darker, richer colors are your best bet at looking chic.  Once you’ve got the right pants, styling is a synch!

When wearing a floral…

Beyonce and Jessica Alba in Floral Pants

Just because the flowers bloom in spring and summer doesn’t mean you can’t wear them in the fall. When wearing floral pants in the cooler temperatures choose pants that are rich in color, instead of the light washed or faded color you’d chose in the summer. Now that you’ve chosen your pants, like these from TopShop, choose one or two colors from the color palette of pants to wear in your top, shoes, or accessories.

If you want to keep things simple, be like the Queen B, and wear a black top and neon pumps for a pop of color. For a little more dimension to your outfit use Jessica Alba as inspiration. Instead of wearing a black shirt, pick a color from the pants to find in a shirt. Then choose another color found in the pants, and wear shoes, accessories, or a jacket in that color.

When wearing an animal print…

Leighton Meester in Animal Print Pants; Courtesy of Polyvore.com

Animal prints are tricky, because something small can make you can go from looking good to looking tacky. My best advice is to keep things very simple when wearing them. Sold black or white tops are a great way to keep things chic. If that seems a bit bland, add a super bright belt or shoes for eye catching color. Solid colored shirts, as well as denim shirts, are also a great option to styling animal print pants. If you want to spruce things up for a night out, sequins and metallic colors (in moderation) can bring your animal print pants to the next level.

A great option for those shopping for animal print are these zebra leggings from BooHoo.com.

When wearing tribal pants…

Joan Smalls in Tribal Print Pants

Tribal pants have so much energy to them, that you don’t really have to do anything to make them look good. Just like florals and animal prints, tribal prints look good with the basic black, grey, or white top; however, tribal prints are too fun to tone down, instead try amping them up with color and textures. Pick tops that  has one color found in the pants, but play around with the texture of the shirt. A loose knit sweater in a soft color is good for those whose style is closer to the girly side of things. To toughen your pants, a black top with a black leather jacket does the trick.

Looking for the perfect tribal pants? Try these from Forever21.

As you can see the rules for styling any type of printed pants are basically the same. Apply these guidelines to any pattern anytime this fall and you’ll easily become the coolest thing around.

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