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June 18, 2012  | by: Jasmina Cuevas


Music is universal. The same lyrics in a song that may move a fan in the U.S., may have the same effect on a fan in the U.K. This being said, we all know that the lyrics are nothing without the beat to blend a song perfectly together. And that is exactly what producer, Hit-Boy does for his listeners — he creates the beats that flows in tune with the lyrics. Hit-Boy finds the hidden sounds in music that help create the songs that become universal anthems.

Chauncey “Hit-Boy” Hollis has officially been producing since 2007 but I’m sure his musical talents were discovered long before that. Growing up with an uncle in the R&B group, TROOP, Hollis got his inspiration from watching his uncle strive in the music business. He was determined to become as motivated, hard-working and ambitious as his uncle so he began working on his own music at the age of 13. Rapping peaked Hollis’ interests but he was also intrigued by producing so he decided to focus on that first.

Hollis and his partner at that time, started making some beats and circulating them in attempt to snag a deal. After some time, Hollis and his partner were offered  a deal but it was one that did not match the worth of the producers. Hollis was patient but unfortunately his partner wasn’t and he signed the deal without Hollis knowing. They ended up going their separate ways but that only pushed Hollis to up his game and continue to put out music. Fast forward to 2007, Hollis sent the producer, Polow da Don, a friend request on Myspace in an attempt to network himself a bit. What he got in return was the opportunity of a lifetime!

Polow invited Hollis down to Atlanta to create some beats and from there the rest became history. Hollis moved down to Atlanta and was signed to Zone 4, Inc. Within a year, Hollis had produced for Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida, Jennifer Lopez and Tiffany Evans; his resume was growing! Hit-Boy was becoming one of the producers that rappers wanted to be associated with and from there his relationship with GOOD Music and Kanye West began.

Hollis produced the hit single, “Christmas in Harlem,” for Kanye and the delivery on the single was something unique. Kanye was officially impressed and he signed Hollis to GOOD Music in 2011. Hollis’ career was officially launched ten levels higher and soon enough he was producing the universal hit, “Ni**as in Paris.” The single caused a musical epidemic; it was the anthem of the year all over the world. There was no way that Hollis was escaping the fact that he was beyond talented at creating music.

The response that Hollis received from the release of “Ni**gas in Paris,” made it very clear to him that he was on the right path; it was the exact push he needed to expand his skills. After producing a few more hits including the club banger, “Goldie,” for A$AP Rocky, Hollis decided to focus on his own rapping career and released the single, “Jay-Z Interview.”

Fans were shocked that their favorite hit-maker is as talented as a rapper as a producer. Hollis’ relationship with music is obviously unbreakable and something that comes far in between. His skills are immaculate and beyond his time. People say Hit-Boy is a young Kanye in the making but I think we all know Hit-Boy has something that others don’t contain.

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