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December 24, 2012  | by: Jennifer Chien

Photo by wingflyhigh (flickr)


How I Met Your Mother fans have another reason to rejoice this holiday season; it has been picked up for a ninth season and everyone is on board! For all those thinking this season was the last, looks like you’ll have to wait a bit longer for Ted’s story to unravel.

Photo by Lomera

Back in August 2012, fans, including myself, were worried about how the show will go on without Jason Segel (Marshall). Segel originally wanted to quit after the eighth season, to   move on to more challenging roles. With a sudden change of heart, he, along with the rest of the cast, has all agreed to sign the contract.

The renewal couldn’t have come at a better time because with only a few more episodes before season 8 ends, the series may have had to end abruptly. But now with the wiggle room of a ninth season, the writers can take their time plotting the endgame, the long anticipated relationship meeting of the mother. But they can’t take too much time, the show has dragged on for long enough.

The ninth season is going to be very different; Barney Stinson has made a very bold and sweet move by giving up his epic playbook for Robin. Their married life should be interesting. But what we care about most, besides who will play the mother, is: will we finally be able to see more than the ankles of the woman under the yellow umbrella?¬†Will the mother of Ted’s children finally be revealed? Or will the writers and producers dare act upon our dreaded plot twist: the kids were adopted and Ted is forever alone. I, for one, sure hope not!

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