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March 22, 2011  | by: Sydney Scott

Hedi Slimane

Pretty much everyone in the fashion industry wants to see Hedi Slimane come back to designing. The former head of Dior Homme is one of the names being thrown around now that Galliano has been fired and was one of the people named to replace Stefano Pilati during the YSL rumors. Still, Slimane remains cautious about entering the design field again, which he left to pursue photography and sculpture.

In an interview with the UK’s Guardian Slimane makes it clear that he isn’t really ready to jump back into fashion, “I’m going to design again, but I come back when it’s the right project, so I keep my passion for it intact.” Many of us pray that the right project comes along soon enough, so that we can see Slimane’s clothes once again, but unfortunately seeing Slimane at a large house may be out of the question, “I really love to design but when it’s a big luxury house there is so much things around the design. You just have to be happy doing it. If you’re not, you’re really miserable. And I have no intention to be miserable.” Slimane did state that he misses the fabric and the atelier, but refuses to budge if he’s not ready. However, we can be sure that when Slimane comes back it will only be for a luxury brand. He made it clear that he dislikes fast fashion and places quality above all else.

Slimane also commented on celebrity in fashion. He remarked that because the internet and social media, fashion had gained a global audience and while he is glad to see this, the collision of celebrity and high fashion has its downside, “The unfortunate outcome might be the obsession and collusion between the celebrity culture and high fashion. It is just a big global mess of random endorsement.” Slimane then goes on to say that one of the biggest tragedies in the industry today is cheap fashion on cheap celebrites, which I completely agree with. However, Slimane states that he only loves to see a designers’ clothes on a good model, which is a little off putting. Models don’t have real bodies and create unrealistic standard.  It’s also  completely unrealistic to think that they will be the only people wearing your clothes.

Still, I do admire Slimanes’ work and hope that when he comes back to designing he will come back with a different mindset about who’s wearing his clothes, but still believe in quality.

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