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July 06, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Twitter (@GUESS)

Twitter (@GUESS)


Turn on, tune in, drop out… and do it all in style. While the emergence of fashionable technology has been upon us for a while now, the influence seemed to sway in only one direction. Fashion influenced technology, never the reverse. But as of late, the accessory everyone has been clamoring over, every brand has been replicating, and every blogger has been hyping, is a chic pair of headphones. Have the tides turned in the battle between the influence of technology and fashion? Potentially. More importantly however, are headphones really the (magna carta) holy grail of accessories, or just a passing craze?

The answer to that one is simple. You have ears, do you not? And what do you do with those ears? Ah, that’s right – listen, but listen to what? Certainly not the squeaking breaks of a bus in midday traffic, or the throbbing buzz of the lawnmower next door, not even to the shrieks and hollers of children at the playground pretending to be kings and dragons. For while all of those sounds belong to summer exclusively in an endearing nostalgic fashion, they are by no means friends to ear drums. So you drown it out in music. The one thing no living breathing human being can claim to dislike. In the film “It’s Kind Of A Funny Story,” Keir Gilchrist’s character asks Emma Robert’s character, “Do you like music?” to which she replies, “Do you like breathing?”

Point being, the ubiquity of portable mp3 players and smartphones that hold music have made it possible to live out your everyday as if it were a show with its very own soundtrack. Walking down the street is just a little less mundane when you are listening to Hall & Oates’, “You Make My Dreams Come True” pretending to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt in “500 Days of Summer.”  Thus, the demand for cute, stylish headphones to match your movie-perfect moment has arisen. Sure, the $3 earbuds they sell on airplanes will do the job just as soundly, but is that what your pop culture icon would really do?

It is a trend bred out of a societal flare for the embellished, and as customization reaches a paramount in both popularity and the span of its effects, headphones (particularly high-end, limited edition, customized ones) will maintain their prominence on the style scene. At the going rate, headphones are practically jewelry themselves.

Twitter (@enzq98)

Twitter (@enzq98)

Twitter (@LeeRoge)

Twitter (@LeeRoge)


So, do you rock headphones as your newest accessory?

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