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July 02, 2012  | by: Lauren Kuhl

A colorful blast of Havaianas

A simple, ingenious sandal, you probably own a pair, and if you don’t, someone you know does. I’m talking about Havaianas, the Brazilian-bred footwear that has risen to global fame. With the aid of celebrity publicity, Havaianas have become a summer staple, ideal for beach and poolside wear. Don’t be fooled, however; they’re cool simplicity has certainly not been comprised for style.

Havaianas Slim

Let’s head back in time to the year 1962, when the first pair of Havaianas was born. Inspired by Japanese sandals constructed of fabric straps and rice straw, this is the reason behind the Havaianas’ uniquely textured soles. By 1990, their popularity had risen, as evidenced by a brand slogan declaring, “Havaianas: Everyone wears them.” In advertizing, the media soon began to take note of the choice footwear of many celebs and influential Brazilian figures.

Havaianas continued to expand its brand even further, with new prints, colors, and even a line designed for babies. A year later, a pair of Havaianas was designed specifically for the World Cup, featuring a small Brazilian flag on its strap as a symbol of national pride. Abroad, sales for the sandal continue to increase, and nowadays, they are sold in more than 60 countries. They have been apart of Oscar goody bags since 2003, and in 2006, the Havaianas Slim was created as a more feminine option for women clientele.

Actress Lucy Hale supports Havaianas

As a low-cost product, part of the brand’s advertizing strategy lies in marketing the flip-flop to a more affluent audience (American consumers), and thus increasing desirability across socioeconomic classes. Such rising popularity is partly responsible for an expected 4% GDP increase in Brazil’s fast-growing economy. In addition, celebrity has helped the brand reach a targeted American audience. From Gwen Stefani to Angelina Jolie, Hollywood’s role in sporting the fashionable flip-flop has certainly increased sales.

From metallic to wild animal prints and classic black and white, there is a pair for everyone. Wear with a swimsuit and cover-up for a stylish beach-ready look, or when out and about with casual shorts and a loose fitting tee. These versatile flip-flops are here to stay on American soil, proving that this Brazilian brand has certainly got sole.

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