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March 28, 2011  | by: Ashley Santucci

Anna Dello Russo

An important rule of fashion is to not take yourself too seriously. Vogue Japan editor-in-chief, Anna Dello Russo, definitely doesn’t, and she knows how to have fun with her fashion.

Dello Russo even has two apartments in Milan: one for her to live in, and one for her clothes. As quoted from an article from W Magazine:

“Such a living arrangement might be considered unusual by anyone who didn’t own 4,000 pairs of shoes and 250 black tuxedo jackets and wasn’t 100 percent fueled by fashion.”

She continually pushes fashion to the extreme and is just about as fearless as Lady Gaga when it comes to her wardrobe choices. Minimalism seems to be missing from her vocabulary, and  Dello Russo is frequently seen sporting one outlandish outfit after another.

Although some may say Dello Russo looks ridiculous, her devotion to fashion, and her wacky outfits, is actually quite charming. Her persona is endearing, just as a four year old is when she piles on all of her play jewelry at once. Her likeability and influence is obvious by the 25,000 people that visit her personal blog a day.

Anna Dello Russo in her Cherry Hat

The fashion world celebrity is a big fan of things in excess. Her ensambles are always loud and complete with a plethora of accessories from hats, to jewelry, to bags. One of her most famous is her gold cherry hat, which she says represents her spirit.

The self proclaimed “fashion victim” recently took CNN inside her hotel room at Paris Fashion Week to get a glimpse inside her amazing wardrobe and what it’s like to be a modern day style icon.

In the video, adorned with feathers and sparkles, she calls fashion her fantasy world and a fairytale. And that it is. She even describes herself as sometimes looking like “a Christmas tree, but it’s okay, who cares.” Her carefree attitude is one to be admired.

The interview can be seen here.

Her ability to have play with fashion is something that more people need. So many are worried about ending up on a “worst dressed” list in other people’s eyes, that they forget that fashion should be fun. So, break that old rule of taking one thing off before you leave the house. Make Anna Dello Russo proud and pile more on!

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