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January 14, 2013  | by: Amanda Fiore

Flickr (wedding channel)


The latest trends are no stranger to the hottest runways, but the hair styles emerging in 2013 are stealing the show. They have created their own name on the most iconic runways from Chanel to Fendi.

Although the hair styles sported by the top global models are stunning to the eye, getting your hands to cooperate in reconstructing these runway-inspired looks may be problematic. Without professional stylists and top of the line hair products, average people like me and you may give up on the season’s latest hair trends. But, wait! Turns out you these these designer hair looks can be achieved, and on any budget.

Braids are back! Braids made head-lines last season and continue to rule the runways of 2013. Whether they are braids of intricate detailing or causal and messy, braids are an easy hair trend to explore.

Flickr (ka2rina)


Braids have been in the fashion world from day one, but today criss-crossed, weaving braids are making a statement. Models from Marchesa to Bailman are braiding their hair in accordance to the season’s hottest hair trends. Whether you are going on a dinner date or the beach, braids are a great way to tame hair in a fashionable way.

Low pony-tails are no longer restricted to equestrian riders, as the fashion icons are turning heads revealing low ponies on their runways. The lower the pony-tail the better! Don’t forget the straightening iron. This hair trend calls for a straight, low pony showing off the length of your hair with a modern twist. Easy to do, just straighten, pull back, and tie with either a thick hair band or ribbon and you’ll be on your way sporting the newest hair style with little effort and little money.

Wet, slicked back hair is not limited to the shower. The slicked back hair trend is back for another season and seen on the runways of the most popular fashion figures like Alberta Ferretti. This trend is perfect for the frugal girl on the go. With just a hand-full of hair gel you can master this hair style.

Flickr (Ashley Campbell Photography)



Whether you slick your hair down the center, embrace a side-part, or opt for a center-part you can easily achieve the wet, slicked back trend of 2013.

Flickr (New World Fashion Trend)

Hair accessories from Fendi’s neon headbands to Chanel’s pearl embellishments are dominating the runways of the season. Headbands, barretts, scarves, just to name a few, are almost stealing the attention from clothes this year…almost. All you need is a few hair accessories to spice up any outfit from night to day.

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